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Air Duct Cleaning

After a flood Air Duct Cleaning is a must! It's easy to see why air ducts often get left out when cleaning your house after it's been hit by a flood. Air ducts are usually higher than ground level, remote and un-accessible that's why people believe water doesn't reach them and they shouldn't be cleaned. But in reality, Air Duct Cleaning is highly important especially after a flood damage situation.

When a flood strikes the humidity level in your home rises. Mold and bacteria look for damp, closed off areas in which to grow, air ducts are the perfect place after your house has been flooded. For this reason Flood Damage Pro offers extensive Air Duct Cleaning Services for our customers.

Make Air Duct Cleaning A Yearly Task

Cleaning your Air Ducts is a household necessity. Flood Damage Pro - Air Duct Cleaning recommends professional cleaning of your air ducts once every year to a year and a half. Air circulation inside your home should be maintained at a high level. Cleaner air means cleaner lungs. Dirty air ducts circulate anything that is caught up in them to the rest of your house making for bad breathing air quality.

Flood Damage Pro - Air Duct CleaningWhat are the risks? While minute dust particles are airborne and may not cause a severe health problem, an accumulation of dust in your air ducts can serve as a catalyst to certain allergies, skin rashes and even severe asthma attacks (depending on the individual). But besides dust, air ducts can contract dampness, either from within or from circulating air outside. Damp surfaces attract a myriad of molds and bacteria, which once infected will circulate freely throughout the house. Molds can cause rashes and irritation in humans and certain strings of mold can be even hazardous.

Air Duct CleaningIt's important to keep your air ducts clean. While household cleaning appliances like certain vacuums may prove sufficient for a preliminary tune up, professional equipment is necessary when caring for your air ducts; besides many people often report losing vacuum cleaning accessories inside ducts. Call our nationwide Flood Damage Pro - Air Duct Cleaning service to get the best top professionals on your team today; Nationwide Flood Damage services available in most major US metro areas.

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